4M Green Science Windmill Generator



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Build this amazing wind generator and learn about renewable energy. The 4M Green Science Windmill Generator is a hand-on learning experience that teaches the value of renewable energy. The windmill generator uses green science to harness wind power and light an LED bulb. This kit contains all the materials needed to build a 5-inch windmill generator with LED light. Just add a recycled soda bottle. An enclosed pamphlet contains fun facts about renewable energy. No batteries required!

  • 5" size when assembled


  • rotor
  • front-housing with gear and rotor shaft installed
  • back housing
  • half screw caps
  • tail
  • toy motor with gear
  • motor cover
  • small screws
  • LED unit with wires
  • detailed assembly instructions
  • Not Included: A recycled soda bottle

Age Groups:

  • Recommended for 8 years+

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