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Alex Spa In A Jar Mermaid




ALEX Spa in a Jar - Mermaid offers you a relaxing evening in a jar. Relax in a bath with purple salts, then toss in a purple bath bomb to make the water sparkling. Cleanse yourself with liquid soap and a stylized blue washcloth. Finish the night with a manicure-pedicure using blue polish and a sea shell nail file. When finished, the jar can be used to store cotton balls or any other essentials.

  • Twist open for a day of beauty
  • Take a hot bath and a manicure
  • Colorful washcloth and nail file match your nail polish and theme


  • Epsom salt (2.12oz / 60g)
  • Bath Bomb (1.59oz / 45g)
  • Liquid Soap (1.01oz / 30ml)
  • Nail Polish (0.17oz / 5 ml)
  • washcloth
  • nail file
  • instructions

Age Groups:

  • Recommended for ages 6+

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