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This beautifully designed baby book helps you remember your child's first years, from birth up until their fifth birthday, and even when they head off to preschool and kindergarten. These simple, modern baby books are made in Canada and have been thoughtfully designed to be simple and quick to fill in. It has been laid out in the order of events that typically happen in the first few years covering all the important milestones.

  • 60 pages
  • Measures 8.5 x 11
  • Plastic coil bound
  • Cover is printed on #100 satin finish stock
  • Inside pages are printed on #65 opaque white stock 
  • All pages fit a variety of photo sizes


  • Front Cover
  • Poem
  • Hello World - birth details
  • Birth Story - blank lined page
  • About You
  • On Your Day
  • Biographies - of Mom & Dad
  • Family Tree - including siblings & pets
  • First Photos
  • Hand Print & Footprint *comes with a non toxic imp print co hand & foot print wipe to complete this page*
  • Coming Home
  • Mementos - First Haircut (envelope included), Hospital Birth Card, Hospital Bracelet
  • The First Week x4 pages - Day 1-7
  • Your Nursery
  • Baby Shower
  • Wishes for Baby from Guests - Guests can write greetings at shower to baby
  • Photos - Blank Photo Page
  • Baptism (on the back side of a generic blank photos page so can be removed if need be)
  • Growth Chart - Weight and length/height
  • Teething Chart
  • Funny Things You Said - Blank lined page
  • Firsts x6 (Milestones)
  • First Adventures/Outings
  • First Vacation
  • First Holidays x2 pages
  • First Christmas
  • First Work Of Art (To be done by the child in their book) - Blank artwork page
  • Monthly Milestone Pages 1-12 months
  • First Birthday
  • Photos -Blank photo page (can also be used for guests to write greetings to child at birthday)
  • Reflecting On The First Year - Blank lined page
  • A Letter To My Child - Blank lined page
  • 2-5 years x2 pages
  • Off To School - Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Hopes For You - Blank lined page
  • Blank Photo Pages x2
  • Poem
  • Back Cover (with 7x10 keepsake pocket included to store birth announcement, certificate, photos, cards, etc.)

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