Calico Critters Blind Bags Baby Band Series




A mystery bag with a baby figure and musical instruments. Baby Band Series baby figures are able to hold their instruments in their hands, so they can act out fun recitals.

  • Each bag contains one baby figure (a total of 2 - 5 pieces)
  • Bags contain various musical instruments
  • Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children

Each surprise bag contains one critter from the following list:

  • Chocolate Rabbit Baby and violin
  • Walnut Squirrel Baby and tambourine
  • Milk Rabbit Baby and drum with sticks
  • Toy Poodle Baby and accordion
  • Bear Baby (sitting) and cymbals
  • Yellow Labrador Baby (sitting) and xylophone with mallets
  • Tuxedo Cat Baby (sitting) and piano
  • Maple Cat Baby and trumpet

Age Groups:

  • Recommended for ages 3+

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