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Calico Critters Cosmetic Counter




Make sure Nora Persian Cat can offer her customers the full makeover treatment when they visit her Boutique (sold separately) with this Calico Critters Cosmetic Counter Accessory Set. Allow Nora's customers to sit down on the stool at the vanity table, and then use the included makeup, lipsticks, perfumes, pencils and other accessories to give customers a unique style that complements their features.

Comes with a vanity table with mirror and foundation, eye shadow and blush palettes, plus a stool, so customers can comfortably sit while they're getting styled by Nora. Give critters an all-new look with the makeup, application tools and perfumes in this accessory set.

  • Counter measures 3.5"L x 1.4"W x 3.8"H


  • Nora Persian Cat
  • Vanity table with mirror and foundation, eye shadow and blush palettes
  • stool
  • Six nail polish bottles
  • two individual nail polish bottles
  • four lotion bottles
  • four perfume bottles
  • Four assorted lipsticks
  • two individual lipsticks
  • Three eyeliner pencils
  • three makeup containers
  • Four makeup sponges
  • three makeup brushes
  • two powder puffs
  • Hairbrush

Age Groups:

  • Recommended for ages 3+

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