Kendama Street Style




Take your Kendama skills to the street!

A spike and three cups of varying size are waiting to give you the ultimate test of dexterity.

Toss the tethered ball into the air and see if you can catch it with one of the three cups. Either the two at the top, or the one at the base. Then, if you're feeling ambitious, try catching it with the spike.

With a tough cracked concrete design, sturdy wood, and endless trick potential, the Street Style Kendama brings a little street-smarts to the big world of toss-and-catch action.

Key Features:

  • Trick toy of 3 cups and a spike for catching a tethered ball
  • Encourages fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination
  • A simple yet exciting toy with loads of trick potential
  • Features 3 cups - big ozara, small kozara, base chuzara
  • Tethered ball has a hole for catching on spike
  • Tough cracked concrete design
  • Practice your own moves - then go online to discover more
  • Durable construction, strong materials

Colours vary and will be randomly selected from our available stock unless specified

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