Mindware Make Your Own Kitty Day Camp




On the prowl for some fun with your feline? Entertain the brain and your curious cat with Make Your Own Kitty Day Camp. Cat training takes time, consistency and patience—but you can still have a good time while doing it! The included guide gives training tips, techniques and fun facts! Test your furry friend's IQ with a rolling treat puzzle and the tricky treat scent game. Can your feline find the treat? Did you know a domestic cat can smell 14 times better than a human! Feeling crafty? Construct your own climbable kitty maze house or a dangly doorknob play station. Kit includes training cups, treat ball, stickers, house templates, paint, feathers, bells and materials to sew a felt sardine. Pamper and impress at the same time with Make Your Own Kitty Day Camp!

  • Kit teaches patience, problem-solving, responsibility and self-esteem
  • These friendly DIY crafts and activities will keep kids and cats purrfectly happy
  • Illustrated guide presents each trick and craft in a easy-to-read, step-by-step format
  • The whole kitten caboodle: a high-quality 20-piece set

Age Groups:

  • Recommended for ages 8+

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