Mirari Bouncy Bop Shape Sorter


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Little learners bounce and jump into a shape-sorting adventure! Six bulky shapes fit easily into the color-coded slots of the dome. As soon as they drop - BOING! - They bounce on the trampoline floor. Now comes the cause-and-effect excitement! Hit the big blue paddle and watch as pegs hit the elastic floor from beneath. The shapes immediately jump, bounce, dance, and wiggle as little ones smile and giggle. Grab the shapes through the side opening and do it all over again!

Sensory development, cognitive learning, and fine motor skills get a big bouncing boost all at once with the Mirari Bouncy Bop Shape Sorter set.

Key Features:

•Block-bouncing shape-sorter
•Encourages fine motor skills, shape-sorting, cause-and-effect learning
•Children smile and giggle as shapes fit into slots and bounce
•Shapes include star, triangle, hexagon, heart, circle, square
•Shapes fit easily into color-matched slots at top of dome
•Hit blue paddle to cause shapes to jump and bounce
•Opening on side of dome - grab shapes and slide through slots again
•Includes Bouncy Bop, 6 shape blocks (red,yellow, blue, purple, green, orange)
•Part of Mirari line of baby toys
•High quality, durable materials for long-lasting learning and giggles

Age Groups:

  • 12 months+

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