Pearhead Santa's Cookie Set




The time-honored holiday tradition of leaving a snack for Santa is made fun and simple with Pearhead’s red & white "cookies for santa" Christmas plate, jug & notepad set. Imagine the delight of sitting with your little one and helping them leave a note for Santa about the cookies and perhaps some last-minute assurances that they belong on the "good list" for the year. The next morning they'll beam with delight to see that the cookies and milk for Santa have been eaten without a crumb or drop to spare.  Pearhead’s "cookies for santa" Christmas plate, jug & notepad set also acts as a unique holiday decoration and Christmas keepsake. When using this set you'll smile knowing each Christmas your child will anticipate the ritual of carefully selecting the best cookies, pouring the milk and leaving a heartfelt note for the one-and-only Santa Claus.

  • The ceramic plate and ceramic milk jug feature a thick glaze, a glossy finish and vintage-inspired design that accents your holiday decor.
  • All items are decorated in red and white to add that special festive touch
  • This plate set isn't just a creative Christmas gift! It also makes an excellent baby shower gift or special gift for any time
  • of the year. With this cookie plate set, you're ready to make a good impression on Santa
  • Breakable / not intended as a toy / for use with adult supervision / hand wash
  • Wishlist pad includes 20 sheets of paper
  • Product dimensions: plate 8.5" diameter / jug 6" H x 2.5" circumference / straw 7.75" H/ note pad 5" W x 7.5" H
  • Packaging dimensions: 15.5" W x 11.5" H x 3.5" D


  • Ceramic "Cookies for Santa" plate
  • Ceramic "Milk for Santa" jug with paper straw
  • Paper "Dear Santa" notepad

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