Playmobil Pegasus with Rainbow in the Clouds (71361)




Under the rainbow, the rainbow princess and her friend take care of the Pegasus. Rainbow and Pegasus can be decorated as desired with the included jewelry pins. Princess with feathery cloud skirt. With lots of accessories for feeding and grooming. Includes real hair comb!

Get ready for enchanting playhours under the rainbow with the Pegasus with Rainbow from PLAYMOBIL. In the romantic rainbow kingdom, the princesses and princes lovingly care for the well-being of all creatures. The rainbow royals and their pegasus are best friends and do everything together. They especially love to take extended flying tours over the rainbow and through the clouds. With lovely characters, magical creatures and fairy-tale buildings, PLAYMOBIL's Rainbow World transports children to a fabulous, cotton-white realm full of adventure.

  • Charmingly designed play figure set with two PLAYMOBIL figures, prince and princess, a toy pegasus with movable wings, a rainbow, numerous jewelry accessories and lots of extras for imaginative role play
  • Magical dress-up fun: the soft cloud skirt can be wrapped around the figure and fixed with a clip. The figure can sit with skirt and ride on the Pegasus
  • For decoration fans: with the colourful decorative pins Pegasus and rainbow can be decorated as desired.
  • Royal accessories: The set includes a hair comb for styling glamorous hairstyles


  • Figures: 1 rainbow princess, 1 prince; Animal: 1 pegasus; Accessories: 1 rainbow with storage baskets and many different jewelry pins (6 each x stars, hearts, diamonds, small bows, large bows, moons, coronets), 1 tiara, 1 petticoat, 1 skirt of clouds, 1 clip, 1 scepter, 1 flying helmet, 1 pair of arm cuffs, 1 glass chest with lid, 1 set of horse accessories (6 pieces), 1 horse harness (2 pieces), 1 bucket, 2 apples, 2 grass, 1 hay, 1 carrot, 2 decorative crowns, 1 hair comb

Age Groups: 

  • Recommended for ages 4+ 

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