Schleich Feed Silo with Animals (41429)




The farmer has installed a silo that she fills with healthy feed for the cows and pigs. Once they have finished the feed in the trough, the farmer releases more feed from the silo and fills the trough using the wheelbarrow. The Golden Retriever helps out and is rewarded with a bone.

Key Features:

•Refillable silo with level indicator!
•Farmer can push the wheelbarrow!
•The silo provides animal feed!
•The silo can be added to the farm!


1 x feeding silo with ladder, 1x cow, 1 golden retriever bitch 1 x silage, 1 x farmer, 1 x funnel, 1 x funnel holder, 1 x feeding trough, 1 x silage, 1 x wheelbarrow, 1 x bone, 1 x sticker

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