Schleich Isabelle on Dolphin (70719)




The mermaid princess Isabelle spends her days exploring shadow-y shipwrecks and discovering treasures in the ocean’s depths. She lives in an underwater castle and talks to dolphins and seahorses. But mermaid life isn’t entirely magical…her sister Gabrielle still gets on her nerves sometimes. Can’t she find somewhere else in the ocean to swim?

  • A glittering mermaid tail…a sparkling seashell outfit…the dolphin even has a hand-painted decoration to match the mermaid's mystical body art!
  • Isabelle hails from Meamare, and underwater kingdom in the world of BAYALA®, where fairies, unicorns, and mystical creatures dwell.
  • The mermaid Isabelle sings her stories to the waves and the sky. Her story is your story…what enchanted tale will she tell?
  • Mermaids and dolphins have a mystical connection in BAYALA®…a deep bond of friendship. Maybe its because of the embedded magnets that help Isabelle stay perched on her dolphin while you play.
  • This mermaid and dolphin enjoy birthday parties, holidays, and celebrations of all sorts.


  • 1x Isabelle, 1x dolphin

Age Groups:

  • Recommended for ages 5+


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