Science to the Max Gears and Gadgets




Gear up for some real engineering! Learn about engineering, momentum, cause and effect all while inventing a variety of machines. Kids will build contraptions that can launch socks across the room, flip their light switch without having to get out of bed, and even flap the wings of DaVinci’s Flying Machine! From mini-builds to room scale inventions, Gears & Gadgets will have kids fascinated by the type of engineering they are capable of achieving on their own!

  • Includes 194 interchangeable parts including axles, pulleys, cranks, pistons and more!
  • Follow along the full color Engineering guide to build 10 different contraptions, gaining skills in mechanics along the way. Then take it further and use those new building skills to create new and unique inventions!
  • Create and interact with incredible mechanical builds, no batteries required.

Age Groups:

  • Recommended for ages 8+

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