Science to the Max Mega Science Lab




If you love hands-on learning, let us introduce you to the MEGA Science Lab. Kids can explore chemistry, physics, and biology, sparking curiosity and wonder about all things science! Endless science exploration with the 32 activities inspired by STEM concepts. Kids will experiment with homemade lava lamps, tornadoes in bottles, beads that seem to defy gravity, and more! They'll learn about everything from chromatography to surface tension through fun, easy experiments they can do at home.


  • Gravity Beads, 10g Gravity Goo powder, PVC root beer bottle, PVC clear ball, Cotton rope, PVC clear bottle, Slip cap, 10g snow powder, Fizzy Tints, Plastic tube, Red, blue, and yellow plastic cups, 10g Water Gel, Colored craft sticks, Metal pie tin, Water-soluble marker, Round Filter paper, Plastic egg, Yellow plastic tube, Pipe cleaner, Plastic black mesh, Twister Tube, 1g round glitter, Plastic cow, Plastic house

Age Groups:

  • Recommended for ages 8+

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