Smart Lab All Natural Spa Soaps




Make your own soaps with this great kit! All you need is a microwave oven and the provided soap molds, soap base, and pigments. Spark creativity by adding all-natural ingredients found in the kitchen and garden! Follow the recipes in the booklet or dream up new combinations.

All-Natural Spa Soaps comes with three bars each of white and clear melt-and-pour glycerine, plus 14 soap molds and 3 pretty pigments (red, green, and purple). Add a lot of green pigment to make happy, vibrant turtles or add a sliver of purple to make dreamy seashells. Get creative by adding your own all-natural ingredients like rose petals or lavender to create scented soaps that are as soothing as they are luxurious.

  • Includes Five Whimsical Gift Boxes!
    Give your friends the gift of self-care! All-natural spa soaps make perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays, and girls' nights. Fold the craft paper gift boxes to turn your bubbly creations into spa-tacular gifts. Pair honey soap with the beehive gift box and heart-shaped soap with the heart box for an added layer of whimsy.
  • Learn About Natural Beauty!
    The 16-page lab book in this kit includes instructions for making more than 15 all-natural soaps. Each recipe teaches young scientists about the science behind using all-natural ingredients like oats, coconut oil, and milk to smooth, soothe, and moisturize. Make stress-relieving Mermaid Ocean Bars using Epsom salts, refreshing Desert Wonder Bars using aloe vera gel and jojoba oil, and more.

Age Groups:

  • Recommended for ages 8+

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