Smartlab The Amazing Squishy Brain



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Build a brain and then pick it apart! This anatomically correct model helps kids learn about the senses, movement, memory, emotion, decision-making, and automatic functions like breathing and digestion. Phenomena like brain freeze and notes on how and when things go wrong are also explored.

  • Fun and educational
  • Performance and quality tested
  •  Great fun for children of all ages
  •  Hands-on anatomy reinforces learning.
  •  Anatomically correct model, shaped from a real human brain.
  •  High-end brain model with relative squishy brain pieces.
  •  Puzzle-like assembly that's squishy!


  • 9 piece transparent skull
  • 8 brain parts
  • 2 eyeballs
  • 4 vertebrae pieces with spinal cord
  • skull base
  • forceps, scalpel, and tweezers
  • skull map
  • brain blister with labels
  • 32 pg booklet

Age Groups:

  • Recommended for ages 8+

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