Kroeger Pass The Pig




The classic party game for over 35 years. Try your luck using pigs as dice! Its’ fun, addictive and requires strategy, skill, and luck. Basically a dice game, with pigs that are weighted and have different values depending on how they land. Each turn involves one player throwing two model pigs, each has a dot on one side. The player gains or loses points based on the way the pigs land. Each turn lasts until the player throwing either rolls the pigs in a way that wipes out their current score, wipes out their total game score, or decides to stop their turn, add their turn score to their total score and pass the pigs to the next player.

There are several variations to the game rules. One is the Hog Call, where a player attempts to guess the score their opponent is about to land. After scoring 20 points a non-throwing player may attempt a Hog Call. The non-throwing player must scream 'sooee'! before the opposing players throw. The caller then guesses the score of the next throw. If correct, the caller receives the points thrown, and the thrower loses double the points thrown. Only one player may hog call per throw.

  • 2 or more players


  • Plastic "Pig Sty" dice cup with lid
  • 2 pig dice
  • 1 pencil
  • pigs scoring guide and score pad
  • illustrated instructions and pass the pigs history

Age Groups:

  • Recommended for ages 7+

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