Bumble Tree Gift Guide - Active Play

Bumble Tree Gift Guide - Active Play

At Bumble Tree, we love toys that stimulate the imagination, but not far behind, are toys that burn off extra energy! Here is a list of some of our best active play ideas, so your kiddos will sleep soundly this holiday season.


The Original Jolly Jumper is a baby exerciser for any child in the pre-walking stage. Babies will enjoy bouncing around and giggling to no end as they develop rhythm and improve their balance.

Gymnic hoppers are a favorite with children to learn balancing and coordination. Carefully designed to not only be a blast, but to help develop balance and coordination. Younger and older kids alike will certainly have fun bouncing! Maximum sustainable weight up to 100 lbs and 160 lbs.

No batteries, gears, or pedals; just hours of endless fun. PlasmaCars are truly a fantastic toy, just put your feet up and wiggle the steering wheel to navigate. This is a unique vehicle everyone can enjoy (supports up to 220 lbs), so why not buy more than one for twice the fun!

Build-it-up than blow-it-up, what could be more fun? Kablocks is an innovative building system that allows kids to build elaborate designs out of foam blocks and than when they are ready, destroy it all by jumping on the air-powered launch pad.

Wrist Shooters are a great gift for any hockey lover on your list. Wrist Shooters is a two player game of knee hockey which can be played indoors or outdoors. Eliminating long sticks, hard pucks, and large open spaces, Wrist Shooters allow you to play at your own level, which makes it fun for everyone!

A hovering AirPuck is sure to get everyone moving. These over-sized hockey pucks glide smoothly over flat surfaces such as hardwood, vinyl and parquet. The sturdy foam bumper will protect the AirPuck from scuffs and makes it more fun to slide around the room. It even lights up and glows in the dark! Limited Canadian NHL teams available (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg).

Not only are these items good for hours of action packed fun, but they help children develop the necessary gross motor skills that will help them gain strength and coordination that will set them up for success for more complex skills in the future. 


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