Peas In A Pod Mom-To-Be Survival Kit




This convenient kit includes three of our signature mom-to-be products, all crafted from the purest natural ingredients, to ensure the very best for an expectant mama’s skin.  Each of these goodies is designed to help nourish the skin and provide comfort.  While sleep isn’t included, our hope is to ease your transition to motherhood the best way we know how!   


  • Mama Mia Belly Butter, 67 g:  We believe in the importance of nourishing skin, particularly throughout pregnancy. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for stretch marks — for some they're simply part and parcel of the body's changing shape. But keeping the skin hydrated and supple can help prevent stretch marks before they appear.  Enter Mamma Mia Belly Butter! Formulated with Certified Organic Fair-Trade Shea Butter, Organic Mango and Cocoa butters, Vitamin E, and restorative essential oils, this butter helps lubricate and give elasticity to stretching skin.
  • Mama Mia Stretch Mark Oil, 30 ml:  This skin-loving oil is specially formulated to prevent stretch marks and help reduce the appearance of age spots.  With healing, lubricating oils of Avocado, Evening Primrose, and Vitamin E, the concentration of oils in this product helps to prevent stretch marks from forming. Can also help fade darker pigments on the skin caused by deep stretch marks!
  • Happy Mumma Nipple Butter, 25 g:  Our lanolin-free Nipple Butter is a rich, natural ointment made with organic Cocoa, Shea and Mango butters. It soothes, nourishes and moisturizes sore and cracked nipples. Safe for both nursing mamas and babies, a little of our butter will go a very long way. 

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