Schleich Rodeo Show (42679)




Bet that Mustang will throw you off in a heartbeat! Pah, the cowgirl isn't deterred by the cowboy's annoying comments. "Well, I'd like to see you hold on to that bull for more than two seconds!" The bet is on. Without a saddle, the cowboy swings himself onto the mighty bull. He immediately bucks and the cowboy is thrown off in a high arc. The cowgirl looks much more confident on the Mustang. She sits firmly in the saddle and swings the lasso. She has won the bet. But there's still a chance for the cowboy to beat her at barrel racing. There's even a trophy to be had. Now that's an incentive!


  • 1x Cowgirl, 1x Cowboy, 1x Quarter Horse, 1x Mustang, 1x Texas Longhorn Calf, 1x Bull, 8x fence elements long, 2x fence element with gate, 4x fence connecting piece, 3x barrel racing barrels, 1x lasso, 1x trophy, 1x feed box, 2x bales of straw, 1x carrot, 1x cowboy hat brown; 1x cowboy hat beige, 1x western saddle with horn, 1x western saddle, 2x reins with bridle, 1x flank strap with rope

Age Groups: 

  • Recommended for ages 3+  

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