Schleich Wedding Carriage (42641)




Emily looks adorable in her wedding dress. The groom Toby has also dressed up. Together they climb into the wedding carriage, to which a whole bunch of empty clanking tin cans are attached. Hanna has decorated the Lipizzaner and the carriage to make everything look festive. The horse is wearing gaiters with hearts on and the bridle is also decorated with hearts. The bridal couple make themselves comfortable on heart-shaped cushions in the carriage and toast each other with champagne. What is this? There's a secret hiding compartment under the seat! There are some apples tucked away for later, so the Lipizzaner can be rewarded for its hard work.


  • 1x Lipizzaner, 1x bride Emily, 1x groom Toby, 1x Hannah, 1x carriage, 5x cans, 1 string, 1x chest, 1x bottle, 1x camera, 1x bridle, 1x girth strap, 1x dress, 1x veil, 1x waistcoat, 3x horse decorations, 2x gaiters, 1x apples, 1x bunch of flowers, 2x boxwood shrub, 1x boxwood arch, 1x sign, 2x doves, 1x cushion, 1x rug 

Age Groups: 

  • Recommended for ages 5+ 

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