YogaSleep Light To Rise Sleep Trainer Night Light and Sound Machine




Help your little one learn when it’s time to drift off into dreamland, and when it’s time to come out and play with the Yogasleep Light to Rise Sleep Trainer, Sound Machine, and Night Light. Custom sleep training schedules, a programmable sleep timer, and an adjustable multicolor night light make the Light to Rise the perfect bedtime buddy for your child (and more sleep for them means more sleep for you!   

  • 30 Sounds: Signature Dohm, Fan Sounds, Nature Sounds, Lullabies
  • Custom Sleep Schedules
  • Sleep Training
  • Adjustable Multicolor Night Light
  • Volume Control
  • Sleep Timer
  • Please note: Light to Rise must remain plugged into a power source in order to function
    Includes: Power cable, instructional manual, set up guide USB power adapter not Included
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty 

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