Yoto Audio Card Winnie-the-Pooh: The Complete BBC Collection




Yoto Says: What could be better than the dulcet tones of Alan Bennett bringing to life Winnie-the-Pooh’s adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood? A treat for all the family.

Alan Bennett reads A. A. Milne's much-loved stories about a small bear and his friends. The collection includes Winnie-the-Pooh, The House at Pooh Corner and A Party for Pooh. 

  • Although this Yoto Card is perfect for young children, children under 3 years old should only use Yoto Player or Yoto Mini under adult supervision.
  • English     
  • Stories
  • 3 h 40 min playtime 


  1. 'Winnie-the-Pooh Goes Visiting and Gets into a Tight Place'
  2. 'Pooh and Piglet Nearly Catch a Woozle and Eeyore Loses a Tail'
  3. 'Piglet Meets a Heffalump'
  4. 'Eeyore Has a Birthday and Gets Two Presents'
  5. 'Christopher Robin Leads an Expedition to the North Pole'
  6. 'A House Is Built at Pooh Corner for Eeyore'
  7. 'Tigger Comes to the Forest and Has Breakfast'
  8. 'A Search Is Organised and Piglet Nearly Meets the Heffalump Again'
  9. 'Pooh Invents a New Game and Eeyore Joins In'
  10. 'Piglet Does a Very Grand Thing and Owl Moves House'
  11. 'Kanga and Baby Roo Come to the Forest'
  12. 'Piglet Is Entirely Surrounded by Water'
  13. 'Christoper Robin Gives Pooh a Party'
  14. 'Tiggers Don't Climb Trees'
  15. 'Rabbit Has a Busy Day'
  16. 'Tigger Is Unbounced' 

Age Groups:

  • Recommended for ages 5+

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