Yoto Audio Cards Pack BrainBots: Our Planet




Yoto says: The BrainBots are exploring planet Earth! They’ll discover the amazing science behind some of nature’s biggest wonders.

Meet the BrainBots: Nellie, Buzz and Gibbs! When school closes, these high-tech knowledge gathering robots come to life to find out as much information as they can for kids before the next school day starts. They can do some amazing stuff, too - think travelling back in time, shrinking all the way down to explore tiny spaces and getting where humans can’t…

The BrainBots might be small, but they’re embarking on an important journey around the world! Their goal this series? To find out as much as they can about our planet and upload their findings to the BrainBank - a big cloud where all that information is stored and shared to kids!

  • English
  • Pack
  • 3 h 25 min playtime 

This collection includes: 

  1. Climates and Seasons
  2. Oceans
  3. Earthquakes
  4. Rain and the Water Cycle
  5. The Polar Regions
  6. Volcanoes
  7. Tropical Rainforests
  8. Hurricanes and Tornadoes 
  • Each audio card takes kids on a hilarious fact-filled adventure to learn about the world and everything in it. Kids can test their knowledge on everything they've learned with a special quiz at the end of each card. Don't forget to upload to the BrainBank. 

Age Groups:

  • Recommended for ages 6+ 

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