A minimalist, non-toy Christmas

A minimalist, non-toy Christmas

We are hearing lots of chatter about people choosing a minimalist Christmas this year. As a Christmas lover who puts my tree up Nov 12 and the owner of a toy store, there’s no question that I LOVE Christmas gifts, making magic happen, and seeing joy on loved ones’ faces when they open gifts.  But I totally get that everyone has to work within their budget and space and comfort level. There has been a huge push towards minimalism and eco-friendly choices like buying used but don’t eliminate your local toy store as a choice! We have options for everyone! If you want that big gift with a huge WOW factor, we have that. If you want practical, earth friendly choices that won’t break the bank or clutter your house, we have that too! Let me show you some of my top picks for a minimalist, non-toy Christmas!

Re-Play dishes: Made in the USA from recycled milk jugs, these BPA free dishes are dishwasher and microwave safe and even package free! No waste to throw away and a practical item you will get daily use from!



 Parade Organics: Made from organic cotton and manufactured fair trade in India,this Canadian company has the cutest prints! Put a new pair of PJ’s or a comfy romper under the tree!


Apple Cheeks storage sacs: Not only can you use these to replace wrapping paper, but with a variety of sizes, these food safe sacs have endless uses! Travelling? Use one as your laundry bag! Use them to organize your diaper bag, hold snacks and so much more!


Re-useable straws: Have we got choices for you! Stainless steel, glass, and most popular for the little ones, silicone straws! We have all shapes, sizes, colours and even some foldable ones for on the go use! Not only great for little ones but our favourite gift to give for your office gift exchange, teacher gifts, etc!

Toothbrush: What stocking is complete without a new toothbrush? We have a variety of baby toothbrushes and a great bamboo and charcoal option for the big kids or adults on your list.


Piggy Paint Polish: Non-toxic nail polish that is cruelty free and made in the USA! Create a bonding moment and lasting memory by doing manicures and pedicures on each other. 

Mittens, boots: Everyone needs them so why not go with a great made in Canada option! Stonz boots are available from infant sizes all the way up to size 2 youth!


 Keepsake ornament: Capture those tiny hands and feet and have a precious piece of those early years to reflect on each Christmas.

Lunch kit: This is a great option for daycare or school aged kids! A re-useable lunch kit is an investment that might not be an everyday purchase but will make a practical Christmas gift that will reduce your environmental impact for years to come!

If you decide to sneak a few toys onto your list, we suggest classic toys such as animal figures, blocks and building toys and imaginative toys like doctor’s kits and dress up. Toys that bring you and your child together are also great because what greater gift is there than quality time together! We have these fantastic family puzzles that come with different sized pieces so that adults and children of all ages can work on it cooperatively. Or how about a new board game? We have great options for pre-school age all the way up to teenagers.

We would love to help you cross all the names off your list and we are so much more than just a baby store, or just a toy store, and we invite you to come and see for yourself!  If you are a gift lover like me, keep your eye out for future gift guides and rest assured that any product from our store has been consciously chosen for play value, safety and ethics!  

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