Bumble Tree Gift Guide - Tween

Bumble Tree Gift Guide - Tween

We are big believers in extending childhood as long as possible.  We see the older kids come in and see their faces light up looking at the toys. Kids are in enough of a hurry to grow up and the pull of electronics and social media is so strong, why not encourage them to maintain that youthful innocence just a little bit longer? Here are our picks for them to enjoy. 

Give them a challenge with the original screen time toy! A classic Etch-A-Sketch will entertain them as they create artistic lineographic masterpieces. Named one of the 100 most memorable and most creative toys of the 20th century, the Etch A Sketch has since sold over 100 million units world wide.


Sticking with the classics, introduce your tweens and teens to the ultimate challenge of solving a Rubik's Cube or even building their own and figuring out the inner workings of these puzzle cubes. 


Since they spend so many hours hiding in there anyways, something to personalize their bedroom will be a hit for sure. A tropical terrarium kit or a paint your own pallet sign kit can be personalized to their own style. 

Even big kids and adults like to relieve stress with something to fidget with. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is a favourite or one of the squeezy balls that feel like crunching snow! We find the Simpl Dimpl to be quite satisfying with it's popping action. 


How about a fast paced, hilarious game they can play with their friends? Pencil Nose is our favourite this holiday season.  It is a take on pictionary but you have to draw with your nose! 

Finally, are you really ever too old for a cuddly stuffy? Even the grown ups swoon over our selection of Jellycat stuffed toys. The softest plush you will ever hug! Jellycat is great at creating out of the box stuffed toys that are beyond your average teddy bear. How about a pineapple? Or a cute little succulent? 

We know it's hard to drag a smile out of your tweens and teens, but we don't think they'll be able to resist a grin when they open up one of these! 

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