Bumble Tree Gift Guide - WOW Items

Bumble Tree Gift Guide - WOW Items

Is there anything better than the tiptoe of little feet on Christmas morning to see what wonders await under the Christmas tree? If you are looking for that special item that will wow them and become a treasured memory for years to come, check out these ideas. 

There's no better time than Black Friday to take advantage of our ONCE A YEAR sale to grab one of these at the sale price! Black Friday 2019 runs Nov 29 and Nov 30 10:00am-6:00pm. 

You will probably all be very familiar with the first item on our list if you've had to drag your kids away from our in store demo while your little ones need "just one more minute" to put baby to sleep, give her a bottle, or finish her bath. The Melissa and Doug Mine To Love Baby Care Activity Centre is a multi-functional doll and stuffed animal baby care activity center that has everything kids need to nurture and play with their special babies! The sturdy wooden center includes a kitchen with refrigerator, sink, and high chair. A changing and bathing area features a bathtub with spray nozzle and flip-down changing mat, a mirror, wipes dispenser, diaper disposal, and washing machine with clicking dial. The nursery area has a rocking cradle, clothing storage, and shuttered window with a card that can be flipped to a daytime or nighttime scene. We have a handful of these in stock for only $275. Will one of them be under your tree this year? 

More of an animal lover? We have ONE of these animal centres in stock! This is the perfect space for caring for furry friends! With a veterinarian side and a groomer side, plush pets can be examined, treated, and pampered for endless hours of imaginative fun. The sturdy wooden play center features an "x-ray" lens with two removable x-rays, pet scale, blood pressure monitor, sink, treat chute, pump bottle dispenser, and lots of storage. There are hooks and holders for lots of accessories.  $275

Prefer something with wheels? Imagine the fun you could have with a 3ft long logging truck with working lift, doors that open, and lights and sounds! 

Have a little creator on your hands? Keep them busy with their very own tool bench or art easel! The Hape Work bench and Melissa and Doug Art Easel are both sure to bring years of enjoyment and many masterpieces created! 

Do you dream of a day where you won't be the one figuring out what to cook for dinner every night? Nurture a budding chef with their very own kitchen! 

There's just something about miniature scale objects that attracts children. Let them lose themselves in their own pretend world with a doll house.  Children learn social skills, empathy and even language skills by re-creating their world through play. 

The Playmobil movie is being release December 6 and they have a whole line of movie themed products but the best value is Rex Dasher's Porsche Mission E. The play set contains the film characters Marla and Rex Dasher, the PLAYMOBIL® Porsche Mission E sports car with two seats, front and rear lighting and including RC control and other cool extras all for only $74.99


We realize that not everyone has the luxury of putting a "WOW item" under the tree and we believe that experiences and quality time together are the greatest gift of all but in case you are looking for one of these luxury items, we hope this list helped! Remember to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and enhance your holiday memories and experiences by sharing and giving where you can this holiday season. 

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