Hassle Free Back to School Lunches

Hassle Free Back to School Lunches

Hassle Free Back to School Lunches 

The return of packing lunches. Is there anything worse then opening up your child’s lunch kit at the end of the day to find it full of uneaten food?

Here at Bumble Tree we have many lunch packing options that will save your sanity and make it easier for your child to eat their lunch.

My girls are entering grade 6 and grade 2 this year so I’ve been at this lunch packing business for a while. In my experience, what makes a good lunch kit is:

  •  Good for the environment, re-useable, no extra packaging required. It has been estimated that a school age child using a disposable lunch generates 67 pounds of waste per school year! (Source: gogreenlunchbox.com)
  •  One piece construction ex) 1 lid to remove to access whole lunch. Not only does this ensure your child has easy access to their whole lunch, it also ensures that all the pieces will be brought home at the end of the day. No more unmatched tops and bottoms.
  • Easy cleaning. We don’t run our dishwasher everyday and to prolong the life of a lunch kit I hand wash anyways so I want a lunch kit that’s quick and easy to wash and ready for the next day’s lunch.
  • Bento box style. I love these lunch kits for portion control, variety and their finger food friendliness. It doesn’t take kids long to get tired of sandwiches and with a bento style lunch kit you have endless options. Bento style is also a must have for those kids that prefer their foods not to mix!

 We have a variety of lunch options that fit these criteria for everyone from pre-school age right up to teenager or even Mom and Dad!

Go Green Lunch Boxes

 Each Go Green Lunch Box set comes with an insulated fabric carrier, a five compartment food container, and a bottle that will hold eight ounces of water. Turn n’ lock technology ensures your child’s lunch stays fresh. Lots of fun fabric choices for the carriers! I can vouch for the longevity of these kits as my daughter entering grade 6 is still using the same kit she started with in kindergarten!

 Yumbox Lunch

 Yumbox’s pre-portioned illustrated trays guide you to packing healthy and hassle free lunches! Now with 2 smart options, 6 compartment for variety and 4 compartment for sandwiches. Yumbox’s unique single lid seals all food wells individually. Food won’t touch or leak outside of the box. Yumbox is lightweight and compact with an easy open latch. It fits neatly into many thermal lunch bags or backpacks. Coming to Bumble Tree early this Fall…..the Yumbox Tapas Lunch Box! A larger version for adults and older kids!

 Lunch Bots

 Looking for a stainless steel option? We have LunchBots bentos in a variety of sizes from the one compartment Uno, all the way up to the 5 compartment Cinco which I’ve recently started using for packing my own work lunches and the portion control is perfect! LunchBots are made from durable 18/8 stainless steel and with proper care, they can last a lifetime!


 For the preschool or kindergarten aged child, we carry a huge selection of the SkipHop zoo packs and lunchies. These adorable animal themed backpacks and lunch kits will appeal to your child’s individual style and are easy for them to carry and use independently.

 In addition to a large selection of lunch kits we can also set you up with the perfect water bottle and back to school outfit! Come in and chat with us and we’ll set you up for happier lunch packing!

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