Maxine Warsh The Baby Warsh Cloth




The Baby WARSH cloth by Maxine Warsh is made from advanced, thinner than hair, fibers.  When wet, it creates a unique hydro process that releases the surface bond, which adheres bacteria and  grime to the skin and allows the resulting emulsion to wash away.  The WARSH cloth™ does not harm your baby's skin's natural acid balance to protect against invasive bacteria.

To Use:

  • Rinse the Baby WARSH cloth in warm water only and simply use as you would a regular wash cloth on face and body. Safe for sensitive skin as well.  Simply wipe the inner eye corner to the outer with damp cloth. Dampen any crusty matter around eye, nose and mouth and wipe it away gently. Never scrub! Use to clean the folds of skin around ears, chin, neck and belly, under the arms and the body. Rinse cloth clean after each use and hang to dry.  When you need to wash the cloth simply hand wash with soap and water, rinse thoroughly and hang to dry. Do not use bleach, fabric softener or iron.  Not recommended for machine dryers.  Replace every 3 months for best results. 

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