Schleich Red Barn with Animals and Accessories (42606)




A day on the farm comes alive with the Large Barn playset from schleich Farm World! Help the farmer fetch the hay from the hayloft (with a working winch!) and feed the farm animals. The cow, calf, pig, and piglet are ready for a busy day! This farmyard playset is perfect for kids with big imaginations and a love of farm animals.


  • 1x farm building, 1x Farmer Paul, 1x cow, 1x calf, 1x pig, 1x piglet, 1x cat, 1x dove, 1x mouse, 1x dovecote, 2x flower box, 2x straw feeder, 4x fence long, 2x fence short, 1x crane with winch, 1x feed carousel, 1x hay hollow, 1x water hose, 1x ladder, 1x feed box, 1x rack, 1x bowl, 1x feeding bottle, 1x cow brush, 1x feeding trough, 1x pitchfork, 1x spikeable hay, 1x broom, 1x wheelbarrow, 1x bucket, 1x straw bale, 1x hay bale, 8x carrots, 6x apples, 1x eggs, 1x sticker sheet

Age Groups: 

  • Recommended for ages 3+ 

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