SnowStoppers Mitten & Glove Clips | Bumble Tree




It’s so easy to lose a glove or mitten in the flurry of getting your kids inside after a day of snowy activities. That’s why SnowStoppers® Mitten Clips are the best thing when it comes time to take mittens and coats off. Just clip one end to the coat and the other to the mitten to never lose that mitten again. No more fights about what belongs to which child!

The best part? These just aren’t for mittens and coats, you can use your Mitten Clips for a variety of things. Keep blankets or stuffed animals safe while traveling – just clip them to a coat or backpack. You can also clip those blankets to a car seat to create a simple cover. Cinch kids’ pants to keep them up. Even clip the corners of sheets to keep them from rolling off the bed. The Mitten Clip is a useful tool to keep everything in your kids’ lives secure.

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